Makes about ¾ lb 375g

1½ cups (5 oz/120 g) super-fine almond flour, plus more as needed 
1½ cups (6 oz/185 g) confectioners’ sugar, plus more as needed
2 teaspoons almond or pure vanilla extract 
1 teaspoon rose water (optional)
1 large egg white
Food coloring as desired (optional) 

1. With a processor mix the almond flour with confectioners' sugar. Pulse until the ingredients are well incorporated.

2. Add the extract as well as rose water (if you are using) and egg white, and process until a dough that is thick develops. If the dough becomes wet and sticky Add 1-2 tablespoons of almond flour, and then pulse.

3. Incorporate food coloring, should you be you wish to use and mix until well mixed. If you're using several colors break the dough into separate batches and color each one in separate batches.

4. The dough should be spread out on an area of work and then work it a few times. Make a disk and cover with plastic wrap and then refrigerate for at most 1 hour or for up to one month.

5. The dough should be left in the room for around 5 minutes. Roll the dough out about 1/4 inch (6 millimeters) thick. If your rolling pin gets stuck into the dough you can coat the pin lightly with confectioners sugar. With the knife or cookie cutter pastry cutter, slice the desired shapes and then use immediately

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