Grilled Swordfish Steaks


Grilling swordfish does not present similar challenges to more delicate fish such as salmon (see this page) because its thick flesh, with its meaty texture, generally prevents the steaks from breaking. The ease of cooking is fantastic however what's better is that steaks of swordfish that are thick are able to remain at the barbecue for a lengthy time, absorbing the smoky flavors that accompany the hefty fish.

The fish's presence for the right amount of time, 6 to 9 minutes, created the black grill marks that make the fish look so attractive. The use of a two-tiered fire, with two-thirds of the charcoal on one side of the grill and one third on the other, enabled us to move our fish over to the cool side, which is less heavy on coals to cook it evenly. The swordfish was photographed alongside Salsa Verde (see this page).

Serving; 3
4 (6- to 8-ounce) skin-on swordfish steaks, 1 inch thick
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
½ teaspoon table salt
¼ teaspoon pepper

1. For charcoal grills, open the your bottom vent completely. Light a large chimney starter that is packed with charcoal brquettes (6 Quarts). If the top coals are covered in ash, spread two-thirds over the grill's half before pouring the rest of the coals on the other side of grill. Place the cooking grate in place close the cover and then open the vent on the lid completely. The grill should be heated to the grill is hot, around 5 minutes.

2. On a gas barbecue, turn all burners on high then cover and heat the the grill until it is hot, around 15 minutes. Keep the primary burner on high while turning the on the other burner(s) up to moderate-high.

3. Brush swordfish with oil , and sprinkle on pepper and salt. Then fold the paper towels into a compact wad. By holding the towels with tongs, dip them in oil, then wipe the grate. Dip paper towels into oil once more and wipe off grates a the second time. Cover the grill and cook for five minutes. Remove the cover and wipe the grate once more with paper towels oiled. Place the swordfish on the more hot side of grill parallel to the grate bars and cook, flipping it once with a spatula of metal until the fish is streaked with black grill marks between 6 and 9 minutes. Transfer the swordfish to the cooler side of grill and cook covered, turning every time, until the center of swordfish is not translucent when inspected by using the tip of a paring knife and registers 130 degrees 3 to 6 mins. Transfer the fish to a platter and allow it to the fish rest 10 minutes. Serve.

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